Dr. Johnathan Johnson, MD, MBA, CWSP, also known as Dr. Wounds, is an award-winning physician and is one of the nation's leading specialists in wound care and aesthetic procedures. As the founder and surgical director of two Washington, DC based practices, Comprehensive Wound Care Services and Capital Aesthetic & Laser Center, Dr. Wounds is quickly becoming America's go-to physician and premiere expert in wound care and aesthetic treatment.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Cr. Wounds seemed destined for success. His mother was one of the nation's first female African American Fullbright scholars, and his father a successful dentist, was the first African American elected to the Colorado Board of Dental Examiners. A former athlete who excelled in high school football, baseball and track, with an early interest in the sciences, Dr. Wounds was an INRODS Scholar in food science research at Coors Brewing Company. He went on to complete his undergraduate education at Xavier University of Louisiana and earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Wounds completed his internship in orthopedic surgery at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and transitioned into general surgery at Howard University in Washington, DC. He went on to become the Sylvester J. Carter fellow in Hand and Plastic surgery at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Hospital Center of Cornell University, where he gained extensive experience in surgical wound care. With training in multiple surgical specialties and experience in urgent care clinical practice, Dr. Wounds ultimately gravitated to the sub-specialty of wound care. In addition, he holds a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management and Finance from The Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University.Ā 

As a leader at the forefront of medical innovation, Dr. Wounds continually develops ultramodern solutions to provide all-inclusive, high-quality care to patients worldwide! In 2020, Dr. Wounds expanded his scope of wound care services to provide full-scale Tele-wound care services for all client cases. Additionally, Dr. Wounds has developed, TurbodeskĀ®, an ergonomic model desk unit for healthcare providers to alleviate fatigue from standing while seeing patients.

Outside of his critical medical work, Dr. Wounds is a Boxing and Wrestling Commission physician for the District of Columbia, and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. Dr. Wounds is also a board member of the Capital Youth Empowerment Program, a non-profit organization focused on fatherhood development and education, and a founding member of the Johnson-Jones Family Foundation where he uses these platforms to promote health awareness and education in underserved communities. Additionally, Dr. Wounds serves as Physician Board Member for the Association of the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC).

Dr. Wounds resides with his wife Crystal and daughters Isabella and Liliana in Potomac, Maryland.