Marta is the owner of Purpose Physical Therapy in Sheridan Wyoming. Purpose Physical Therapy offers mobile services, both skin and physical rehabilitation to its clients. Marta recently left St Vincent’s Healthcare in Billings MT where she worked as a Physical Therapist focusing on patients with ulcers and edema/lymphedema. Marta is a Physical Therapist, Certified Wound Specialist, and Certified Lymphatic Therapist. Marta specializes in chronic wound management as well as lymphedema/edema treatment and management. She currently works with all types of patients with deficits in mobility, functional strength and functional independence. Marta is the founder of the Wound Clinic, a department of Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Marta is a member of the American Academy of Wound Management, the American Professional Wound Care Association, and the American Board of Wound Healing. She also serves on the Board for the American Board of Wound Healing and the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care.