Join us on an innovative and interactive virtual journey to navigate venous disease and venous leg ulceration! On April 10-11, travel with highly skilled and engaged experts to improve understanding of the pathophysiology of venous disease and venous leg ulcerations, navigate management tactics, map timelines, and mitigate common challenges using a collaborative and multidisciplinary team.

Attendees will be virtually guided through identification, diagnosis, contributors to slow healing, novel topical therapies, management of biofilm, and the utilization of a team approach to reach the destination: achievement and maintenance of VLU closure.  Registrants will also have the chance to submit a clinical scenario to be shared in an interactive case presentation!

Experts will focus on the what, when, why and how of compression therapy, leading participants through the complex concepts in compression therapy. Novel compression modalities will be highlighted to display advances in venous leg ulcer management. Attendees will then get to receive a certificate of success after  hands-on and small group sessions with compression experts on April 17 and 18!